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Do you offer classic tuition sessions (offline)?

No. Our sessions take place exclusively online.

Can I "try" the services you offer, before I buy?

Of course. You can receive an invitation to one of our sessions, if you contact us by e-mail or telephone. Thus, you will be able to take a valid decision with regard to the educational services we offer. If you want to continue to participate to our online tutition sessions, you will need to pay for the first meeting, and also for the additional sessions. We want to give you the opportunity to test this type of tuition lesson, so you have all the information you will find necessary before you start working with us. 

What are the reasons that may cause you to stop working with some of your students?

We reserve the right to refuse to continue working with students who, for various reasons (lack of attention during the tuition sessions, incomplete homeworks, etc.), do not have a satisfactory evolution. Student testing is done periodically, as we cover a certain number of chapters in the curriculum.

What are the advantages of online meditation? How do these sessions differ from classical meditations?

  • Guaranteed access to experienced teachers, no matter the distance that separates you from tthem: through our online tuition sessions, you have access to experienced tutors, whether you live in Berlin, London or New York.
  • Considerable time savings and risk reduction: the busy schedule of the modern family makes every hour increasingly important. Working directly from home, using his/herpersonal computer, the student no longer has to go to the teacher's home address. For parents, this means eliminating additional sources of stress and, why not, the opportunity to "watch" the way our teachers help students prepare for exams.
  • Online education is less stressful and more attractive than classical meditation: for many students, education developed in the comfort of their own house is much more advantageous than the classical method involving traveling to the teacher's home. In the Internet age, technology-savvy children will consider the virtual class more exciting than the traditional classroom.

How do I pay the online tuition sessions?

The payment can be done using debit or credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. You can opt for one of these two payment processors: Paypal or Shopify. In order to increase the security of the online transactions, the sensitive details regarding payments (such as card details, etc.) are not processed into our website but in secure servers belonging to one of the two companies mentioned above. You will have a 24-hour time span, starting from the time the session ends, to complete the transaction by making a payment.


I do not trust the security of online transactions, what is your advice?

We understand your reluctance, even if, for the reasons outlined above, we consider them unjustified. We encourage you to request additional information from your bank regarding the methods you can use in order to increase the security of these transactions.

My question is not in this list, what should I do to find out your answer?

For additional questions, please use the contact page by clicking the "Contact Us" button displayed on each page, left-down. We will respond as quickly as possible to your message, giving you all the details you want to know.